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"Once you have signed up for your membership, you are directed into the Meat Members main area where you have access to not only Cum Farters but about 44 additional bonus sites. Find the Cum Farters link and you are taken directly to this hard ass-banging site.

Currently, Cum Farters features 46 episodes in total with movies and photos available for each. All videos are downloadable and you can select between Windows Media and MPEG clips. If you are looking for faster downloads, choose the WMV videos, but note that these are of lower quality. For a little better quality you will want to select the MPEG choice (The Windows Media ones have improved however).

The sexual action on these videos is hardcore, and for those who love watching a tight ass filled with cock before being filled deep with cum, this is exactly what you are looking for. In case you missed anything on the videos, each episode contains a photo gallery of over 200 vid caps.

The site has updated recently, but there was a an 11 month periode when they didn’t add anything.  Also, the most recent update was three months since the last one.  Basically, updating sucks.

Again I will mention the bonus content included with your membership to Cum Farters. These are even more important since you know about the update schedule. Some of those 44 additional sites include POV Pervert, Meat Holes, Cock Brutality, Midnight Prowl and Nuts on Sluts. If you’re looking for a wide selection of nasty sluts who like a good hard anal pounding, plus tons of other jerk-off material, check out Cum Farters today."

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